The loss of a friend

To all who knew Bill Lipnickey as a runner at my auctions

We have lost one of the  good ones.  Bill was the life of the auctions for over 4 years.  His quick wit and humor will be missed by all.  He loved to tease everyone but yet was ready to help when ever he could.  He loved his family and friends and selling good old antiques.  I will think of him often and always with a smile.

We miss you           Rhonda and Bill and everyone


The auction we will be having on April 20th is going to be Auction #73 / The Bill Lipnickey memorial antique auction.  We will be selling special deserts to raise money for his family.  Anyone who would like to donate an antique item to be sold in his name {money goes to family} can bring it at anytime to the auction center.  We hope to see a great turnout for Bill.  He was a big part of Rhondas Auctions.

Any questions please call or text 585-727-0354

The happenings at Rhondas Auctions

Here I am..back at it.  I know the new auction center has been a long time in getting here but we are still working on it.  There have been some unforeseen circumstances.  Sometimes things go smoothly and sometimes not.

We are still going strong at the original location and are always looking for quality consignments.  It has been a, shall we say, unique and challenging winter.  With the deep cold and high winds we have still managed to carry on.  So if you would like to consign 1 item or a whole household we are ready.  If you need items picked up or have any questions please call the auction center at 585-257-6080  or you can text my cell at 585-727-0354.

Thank You for tuning in and keep warm.